UKIP Supporter: The Party Need To Support "Wacky Policies" To Gain Publicity

18 February 2018, 08:01

Harry in Portsmouth said that UKIP was still an important party, he said: "we need to be a fourth party estate... we need to offer an alternative."

Andrew said that the vote share had collapsed and mainly gone to Labour, Henry defended the party saying that the "UKIP vote at the last election would have been a wasted vote" but said that there will be a resurgence in the May local elections.

Asked how the party could reignite public interest Harry said they needed to "offer alternative policies." He said he wanted the party to support "wacky policies" in order to galvanise public support and attention.

Henry mentioned HS2 and "proper motorways being built" and he'd like the party to get on the tuition fee "bandwagon."

Henry Bolton
Henry Bolton. Picture: LBC