Shadow Flooding Minister Warns Of Large Civil Engineering Project To Fix Whaley Bridge Dam

3 August 2019, 10:13

The Shadow Flooding Minister told LBC large and "costly" civil engineering projects are usually needed to repair reservoirs and water infrastructure.

The Labour MP warned that when issues arise with reservoirs and other water structures, the repairs usually involve large-scale civil engineering projects.

Speaking to Andrew Castle, Luke Pollard said there needed to be "reassurances" that other reservoirs in the country are safe amid the ongoing operation to stop the dam at Whaley Bridge collapsing.

Mr Pollard said: "There is a national inspection of reservoirs, in theory they should be inspected on a decent level on an annual basis.

"But we do need to have that reassurance that all our reservoirs are safe because Whaley Bridge isn't the only community that's built in the shadow of a large reservoir like this."

Engineers say they remain concerned that the 180-year-old structure at Toddbrook Reservoir above Whaley Bridge is in a "critical" condition and could collapse.

An RAF Chinook was brought in to assist in the operation, as thousands of residents remain evacuated from the town.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to emergency services at Whaley Bridge
Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to emergency services at Whaley Bridge. Picture: Getty

Mr Pollard added: "When there is a problem with a reservoir or a major piece of water infrastructure, the fixes frequently are very large civil engineering projects and that will cost a lot of money

"And the concern that for organisations like the Canals and Rivers Trust, which doesn't generate a huge amount of money and doesn't get a huge amount of money from the government, these huge costs are going to be difficult for them to meet."

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