Andrew Marr: Is Joe Biden losing it - and how does the West want this war to end?

28 March 2022, 18:05 | Updated: 28 March 2022, 18:08

Andrew Marr asked if Joe Biden is 'losing it'
Andrew Marr asked if Joe Biden is 'losing it'. Picture: LBC

By Will Taylor

Andrew Marr has raised two big questions about the fallout from the war in Ukraine.

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Firstly, LBC's presenter asked on Monday's Tonight with Andrew Marr if Joe Biden is "losing it" after he said Vladimir Putin should not remain in power.

The US president came in for criticism after the remarks, which the American government had to row back on because it raised questions about a goal of regime change.

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And secondly, Andrew asks if what exactly the Government is doing to help people with soaring bills in the cost of living crisis exacerbated by the invasion of Ukraine.

Andrew Marr asks if Biden has lost it following Putin comments

"A couple of big questions hanging over today," Andrew said as his show got under way.

"First, after President Biden's loose talk about getting rid of Vladimir Putin, what really is the West's preferred way out of this terrible war?

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"Is Biden, who seems to say the wrong thing quite a lot, losing it?

"Second, after that spring statement, what's our government doing to protect us against impossible bills while the war grinds on?

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"We've heard a lot about energy and energy security - but what about food prices and Britain's ability to feed itself?

"I'm going to be looking at both of those things. Later we'll hear from George Eustice, the cabinet minister in charge of our food supply, and from the head of the National Farmers' Union about stuff that will affect you every time you head to the supermarket soon.

"But today I want to start slightly differently. I've always said I wanted to bring the best, most interesting writers on to the show - people with something special to tell us - and first, there's a journalist from the Economist, Arkady Ostrovsky, a man I vividly remember showing me around Moscow back in the old days after the fall of communism.

"Well, today he's just back from interviewing President Zelensky in person in his Kyiv war room."