Andrew Marr: Millions of migrants could flock to UK if we don't help poorer countries with climate change

7 November 2022, 18:18 | Updated: 7 November 2022, 18:22

Andrew Marr on Monday
Andrew Marr on Monday. Picture: LBC

By Kit Heren

The UK could be overwhelmed by millions of migrants if rich countries don't help poorer countries with the effects of climate change, Andrew Marr has warned.

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Opening LBC's Tonight with Andrew Marr, the presenter called for politicians to think of the real-world problems made worse by climate change.

"How has it happened that the thing which matters most to our future, has become the thing we find it hardest to sensibly talk about?" Andrew asked.

"I know that for a lot of people the mere words climate change make them clap their hands to their ears, or scream or both.

"Let's put to one side all of the ignorant, blinkered jack*sses who simply don't believe the science, and claim that the climate change the rest of us see all around us isn't happening - or if it is, that it’s nothing to do with us.

"Let's think instead of everyone for whom the immediate problem of paying this winter's bills, overwhelms everything else.

"And alongside these come-off-it people, others who are driven half mad by fear and grief about what’s ahead.

"I've said before and I say again I don't think making people angry is how to win arguments with them."

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'The thing that matters most to our future has become the thing that we find hardest to talk about.'

Discussing the earlier pleas of a teary activist trying to blockade the M25, Andrew continued: "Hysterical, yes. Self-righteous, if you say so.

"But utterly sincere, and she speaks for very large numbers of younger Britons who have grown up scared witless about what global warming may mean for them.

"If her’s was the only popular view then the politicians meeting at COP27 in Egypt right now, would hardly have real decisions to take.

"But there are other voices.

"All day people have been calling LBC about climate change, and whether the richer countries like Britain should be paying poorer countries to help them deal with its consequences.

"By the way, if we don't, we can hardly be surprised if migrants fleeing those disasters and arriving on our shores aren't any longer numbered in the thousands but the hundreds of thousands, even millions."

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He went on: "What about China? What about the Saudis? What about the rich? There is a real danger that this whole conversation sinks into a swamp of anger and whataboutery.

"Can our leaders do better than that?

"Right now Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson are in Egypt trying something which may be impossible - trying to do deals which would satisfy Louise on her M25 gantry and those callers on their mobiles.

"But in a democracy, protest, however inflamed, must always end in negotiation."