Labour 'on the edge of power' as Keir Starmer gave ‘speech of his lifetime', says Andrew Marr

27 September 2022, 18:32

Andrew Marr says Labour is a party 'now on the edge of power'

By StephenRigley

Andrew Marr says he is convinced that Labour will be in government at the next election after Keir Starmer's speech at the Labour Party conference.

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In his opening monologue on Tonight with Andrew Marr, Andrew said: "Sitting in front of this mic, and reporting for you, I owe you my eyes, ears - and they’re very big ears - and my voice.

"But more important than any of that, I owe you my instinct, my gut judgement.

"And what I really think - and it’s going cause me lots of trouble at the Tory conference next week - is that this is a party now on the edge of power.

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"It is marching towards government and that is going to happen very quickly indeed.

"Now, this has been a party more united than any I can remember.

"Frankly, Keir Starmer gave the speech of his life time - he needed to and he did.

"It's been utterly an extraordinary day."

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