Marr: We're supposed to take PMQs seriously but they might as well just hurl custard tarts

30 March 2022, 18:06

Andrew Marr savaged PMQs
Andrew Marr savaged PMQs. Picture: LBC

By Will Taylor

Andrew Marr has savaged Prime Minister's Questions as an "infuriating, embarrassing torrent of bilge".

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LBC's presenter said Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer should have just spent 10 minutes hurling “custard tarts” at each other, clown-style.

Speaking at the start of Wednesday’s Tonight with Andrew Marr, he questioned the point of the session if claims made during the weekly grilling have to be fact-checked constantly.

Andrew said: "So, we had Prime Minister's Questions today.

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"I'm not sure why. We're supposed to take it seriously but frankly had Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer spent 10 minutes throwing custard tarts at each other we would have learnt more.

"It was an infuriating, embarrassing torrent of bilge, I think embarrassing for the whole country by the way.

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"I'm sure that during it the Prime Minister said things that were true.

"I'm just not quite sure when. He talked about the biggest tax cut for 25 years. By any common sense measurement, hogwash, marsh gas and nightsoil.

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"He accused the opposition leader Keir Starmer of wanting to take us back into the EU.

"Now, millions of people around the country may wish that was true but again, it's absolutely not.

"In private and in public, Keir Starmer has completely set himself against it. All this happens on a day when No 10 is still insisting that on those lockdown parties, no rules were broken.

"In which case – simple question – why has the police issued 20 fixed penalty notice fines? Are those fines for not breaking the law?

"Now I know lots of people will say 'oh, come on, don't be pious, it's the traditional, colourful to-and-fro of politics, democracy in the raw, all that.

"Well I'm not being pious, but after 40 minutes or so of torrential rhubarb and hooting nonsense I felt bored and very slightly irritated. Really, if we have to cross-check every syllable, what's the bleeding point?"