Tonight with Andrew Marr 11/07 | Watch again

11 July 2023, 19:12

Tonight with Andrew Marr | Watch Again 11/07

By Anna Fox

You can watch Tuesday's Tonight with Andrew Marr again in full here.

Andrew Marr was joined by:

  • Charlotte Lynch - LBC's Reporter
  • Danny Shaw - Home Affairs and Crime Commentator - and Former BBC Home
  • David Aaronovitch - Broadcaster and journalist
  • Francesca Cociani - Associate at Hodge Jones Allen solicitors who regularly represents those accused of sexual offences including where privacy is an issue
  • John Bolton - Former US National Security Adviser and a former US Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Merryn Somerset-Webb - Senior Columnist at Bloomberg and Ex-Editor in Chief at Moneyweek
  • Alan Rusbridger - Editor of Prospect Magazine and former Editor of The Guardian
  • Matthew Parris - Columnist at The Times

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