Angry Caller Doesn't Get Why Some People Blame Corbyn For Holding Off On An Election

26 October 2019, 09:43

Andrew Pierce told this caller why people are blaming Jeremy Corbyn for holding off an election - and this caller wasn't impressed.

Rex said: "Well, I think that the Conservative Party has had three stabs at getting us out of Europe. First, the referendum by David Cameron, he lost, he quit.

"Then Mrs May came, she tried to get us out of Europe, she failed.

"Then Boris Johnson and he failed as well.

So why do LBC always keep blaming Corbyn? I mean, I don't see what Corbyn has done, his party is not in power."

Andrew Pierce said: "Who's blaming Corbyn? I'm not blaming Corbyn.

"What I've said is the Tories have had three and a half years, they've made a complete pig's ear of this from beginning to end.

We've got an opportunity for a general election and Corbyn's not going to take it. Corbyn has asked for a general election 50 times this year."

They then started talking over each other.

Rex then said: "The situation is different. He is in the position as a leader of the Labour Party in parliament to scrutinise the deal that's come from Europe.

"He's saying that this deal is worse than the one May negotiated. So if that is the case, we already had an election in 2017, we've got fixed term elections for 2022.

"So if Johnson wants to have another election before the end of the fixed term, then we should have another referendum again because, essentially, we had a referendum in 2016. And, you know, nobody seems to want another referendum because we've had our first results.

So if that's the case, then that should apply to the election as well. We've had an election 2017, why do we need another election now? "

Andrew Pierce replied: "Because Jeremy Corbyn has asked for it 50 times in Parliament this year alone. 50 times. It's up to him."

Angry Caller Accuses LBC Of Always Blaming Corbyn, Andrew Pierce Shuts Him Down
Angry Caller Accuses LBC Of Always Blaming Corbyn, Andrew Pierce Shuts Him Down. Picture: PA

They then started talking over each other again, audibly getting more frustrated.

Andrew then said: "Rex, if you stop talking for a second I'll explain how the fixed and Parliament at works. You need two thirds of MPs to get it removed and the Tories do not have two thirds of MPs. Labour have to trigger it."

Rex suggested we "sort this at a referendum".

Andrew replied: "Okay, you want another nine months of this uncertainty Rex, do you?"

Rex said he didn't mind - but Andrew said that he doesn't think people want that.