Brexit Party Founder Criticises Nigel Farage's Strategy As She Quits To Join Tories

17 August 2019, 16:39

The founder and former leader of the Brexit Party criticised the strategy of Nigel Farage's group as she quit to join the Conservatives.

Catherine Blaiklock, who set up the party before Mr Farage took over, said she was leaving to back new Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plans to push Brexit through on 31st October.

Speaking to Andrew Pierce, she was very critical of the Brexit Party's strategy at the Brecon by-election and said that fielding candidates in all 650 seats at the next General Election is a very bad move.

She told LBC: "The Brexit Party achieved a great result and they had a great influence of getting rid of May and we've now got Boris.

"We are in a very fragile situation. The Brexit Party doesn't have any MPs, it has no power whatsoever to do anything.

"The only person who can do anything at this point is Boris and his team."

Andrew Pierce spoke to Catherine Blaiklock
Andrew Pierce spoke to Catherine Blaiklock. Picture: LBC / PA

Referring to their strategy, she said: "I completely disagree with the whole policy. I disagree with them having stood in Brecon.

"They lost a very critical seat. Remainers formed a very effective coalition and the Brexit Party is to blame for that seat loss, which doesn't help Boris.

"To stand against Steve Baker or some of the other really strong Brexiteers and to continue to say you're going to stand in all 650 seats irrespective I think is a very very bad strategy."