Conservative Party Deputy Chairman quizzed over whether Nigel Farage should be involved in the negotiations

22 December 2019, 13:00 | Updated: 22 December 2019, 13:15

The Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Paul Scully, was asked by Harry in Waltham Forest whether Nigel Farage was the negotiator that the UK needed.

Paul Scully was taking calls from LBC listeners when Harry from Waltham Forest called in, he described Brexit as a 'brilliant opportunity' but said that the government needed a "very strong negotiation team to avoid being bullied", he then asked the Conservative Party Deputy Chairman whether he would be appointing Nigel Farage as part of the negotiating team.

The Conservative MP did not sound keen however, and when pressed by Andrew Pierce, he said that Nigel Farage was "not best placed to build up goodwill with the EU".

He went on to say that whilst he had "never ignored" Nigel Farage he "wasn't sure" whether he would be a welcome addition to the negotiation team.

Andrew Pierce finally quizzed Paul Scully on whether Nigel Farage should be knighted, the Deputy Chairman replied saying "he should be recognised for pushing the agenda" but that he wasn't "overly helpful" for the leave case in the latter part of the referendum campaign.