Jeffrey Archer Reveals His Writing Inspiration With Crucial Advice For Young Writers

3 November 2018, 18:14 | Updated: 4 November 2018, 17:48

Novelist and former politician Jeffrey Archer shares advice to budding writers who ask how to become a writer and reveals where he finds his inspiration to write.

Jeffrey Archer says that anybody who wants to be a writer should "go the ballet" for inspiration.

"Have a look at the prima ballerina, and imagine how many hours she has taken to stand on that stage.

"And then look at the girls behind her, the ones that are called the chorus, and imagine how many hours they've spent getting on that stage.

"And then think of the thousands of young girls and women who want to be on that stage but don't quite make it.

"It's not so different in writing."

Speaking to Andrew Pierce, the novelist said that his writing inspiration is his "God given gift".

But when a young journalist insisted he revealed his 'true inspiration', he said: "You can't go down to Marks and Spencer and order a packet of stories."

"I told her that I think it's a god given gift and I'm very fortunate, and she said 'no, no, I'm not going to tell anyone!'" he said.

"'Oh right', I said. I have a home by the river, and I walk down to the end of the garden at about 3am in the morning, I take a spade and dig a hole, and there they are, all sitting in the hole.

"She was livid. But I don't know! If I knew I'd tell you."