Lib Dems Eye Nick Clegg's Former Sheffield Hallam Seat In Upcoming By-Election

3 August 2019, 11:22

The Liberal Democrats are "relishing" at the prospect of retaking the Sheffield Hallam constituency at a by-election after it was lost to Labour in the last general election.

Andrew Pierce pressed Lib Dem CEO Sir Nick Harvey on whether the party was hoping to retake their former leader's seat

"This was of course a seat once graced by Nick Clegg," Andrew said.

"Is that a seat you think you can win back quickly and swiftly?"

Sir Nick replied: "Definitely!"

"We've got strong presence on the ground, big local government, an excellent candidate, and I think we would have every prospect of winning that in an Autumn by-election or if a general election overtakes it."

He added: "It's certainly a contest we would relish and we would look forward to getting our teeth into."

The former deputy Prime Minister and party leader lost the seat after 12 years to Labour's Jared O'Mara - who after resigning the Labour Party last year has since announced he will resign as an MP in September.

Sir Nick also told Andrew that whilst he hasn't been in direct conversation with Dr Philip Lee, the Conservative MP would be welcome to defect to the Liberal Democrats.

More to follow...