This Guest's Forthright Views On Grieving For Pets Left Andrew Pierce In Hysterics

17 August 2019, 17:45 | Updated: 17 August 2019, 17:47

When Andrew Pierce asked this guest about the idea of people taking time off work when their pets died, his forthright views left Andrew in hysterics.

Emma McNulty said she was too upset to work after her terrier Millie died and claimed she was physically sick with grief.

But her employer told her to find cover for her shifts or risk dismissal. And when she failed to find anyone to cover, she said her contract was terminated.

Andrew asked broadcaster and former teacher Simon Warr what his views on this were - and listeners were not disappointed.

Simon Warr left Andrew Pierce in hysterics
Simon Warr left Andrew Pierce in hysterics. Picture: LBC

Saying it was preposterous, he asked where it stops, saying: "Over 65% of the population of this country have a pet of some sort - dog, cat, fish, bird.

"If we went down the line of legislation, what will be the next step? I was reading recently about 'fur-ternity leave' where you get time off to look after a pet when you first get it. What about if a pet is unwell?

"What is the precise definition of what constitutes a pet? A hedgehog?

"I know somebody who's got pet spiders. Do you get time off if one of your spiders dies?

"What about a guinea pig? What about a hermit crab? What about if your sister's hamster dies?"

The whole call is comical. Watch it at the top of the page.