'I'm going to freeze to death in my own home': Emotional caller helped after speaking to LBC

12 December 2022, 06:49 | Updated: 12 December 2022, 06:56

This caller doesn't care about politics - he just wants to survive

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

When this emotional caller said he was sick and alone and scared he was going to freeze to death in his own home an outpouring of support from LBC listeners led to him getting the help he needed.

Speaking to LBC's Ben Kentish an emotional caller told him a tale of woe, but one which had a happy ending thanks to LBC.

Philip from Tiverton told Ben he had come down with the winter flu nine days ago and had struggled to get any help of assistance.

Breaking down, the caller said he had been "trying to get antibiotics to stop the infection," branding the process a nightmare.

"I've been on my own for nine days, I'm in my home, I'm freezing cold," Philip said, sobbing.

He went on to tell Ben he was distressed and alone with little hope of support on the horizon.

"I turned to a local food bank for help, everything is a closed door."

"I don't care about Labour, I don't care about Conservative, I care about my own survival," the caller told LBC.

He went on to say he didn't care about people arguing about politics, he cared about people and finding help.

He went on to tell Ben he tried to call a foodbank to ask if he could place an order, but he was told he would have to visit in person.

"I said I can't come, I can't even open my eyes!"

Ben asked Philip if he was sitting in the cold because he couldn't afford to pay his bills, "I'm freezing, I'm going to freeze to death in my own home. This is just not me, I'm not a victim."

"Forget who you're going to vote for, we need to work out how to get you some help," Ben told him.

Ben vowed to help Philip, pledging to contact his local council first thing in the morning.

But, there was hope for the distressed caller after LBC listeners contacted his local MP and Ben Kentish spoke to Philip after his show, ensuring he got the help he desperately needed.

Richard Foord MP tweeted shortly after the call to say he was heartbroken listening to Philip's plight, telling his Twitter followers he would do all that he could to help.

And then, at 11:20pm Mr Foord tweeted to say Philip had been helped and he urged others to come forwards too if they were suffering alone.

The call generated an outpouring of support on social media