'I just feel used ... I'm worth nothing': This emotional veteran recounts his denial of pension

13 November 2022, 12:32

Emotional veteran 'feels used' after his application to the War Pension Scheme was denied

By Grace Parsons

This veteran tells Ben Kentish how his War Pension Scheme application was denied in heartbreaking call.

As we mark Remembrance Sunday, Ben Kentish questioned if the UK is doing enough for the veterans who were willing to lay down their lives for the country.

This comes after King Charles led the country, for the first time as monarch, in the Remembrance Sunday service in Whitehall.

The King was joined by Prince William, Princess Anne, and Prince Edward. Queen Consort Camilla and the Princess of Wales observed from a balcony.

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This veteran, who was diagnosed with PTSD in 2020, told Ben: "I just feel used ... I made an application to the War Pension Scheme and I'm worth nothing."

The government rejected his application declaring the paperwork that he sent them was "not conducive or conclusive" that his PTSD was a result of his time in the military.

The army veteran told Ben: "It's not about money it's the principal and what it cost me."

"I've been hospitalised three times in two years. You give it all, you see people fall and then you've got to deal with that, it's hard," he said of his time since service.

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