Sajid Javid's 'cower' tweet 'perfectly sensible,' Camilla Tominey insists

25 July 2021, 18:47

Camilla Tominey defends Sajid Javid's sentiment in deleted tweet

By Seán Hickey

The Health Secretary has come under unreasonable scrutiny for urging the UK to move out of the pandemic, according to Camilla Tominey.

Following immense backlash for a tweet suggesting the UK has cowered under the pandemic, Health Secretary Sajid Javid came under fire and subsequently deleted his tweet.

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Camilla Tominey defined the word cower as "to bend down or to move backwards with your head down because you are frightened," which is what landed Mr Javid in hot water.

She attempted to translate Mr Javid's comment: "What the Health Secretary was trying to say to people with this tweet was 'we need to learn to live with this now, we can't continue to be frightened and we've got to get back to normal.'

"I actually think that's a perfectly sensible thing for the Health Secretary to say."

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Health Secretary apologises for suggesting people must not 'cower' from Covid

She insisted that Mr Javid was in the right, mainly as he has claimed "the zero covid project has failed," as has been seen in Australia and New Zealand.

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She reminded listeners that in Australia "half the population is in lockdown" following a resurgence of the virus, and "even in New Zealand where they tried their level best to keep covid out, they haven't eliminated it."

Sajid Javid since deleted this tweet urging Brits not to 'cower' from the virus
Sajid Javid since deleted this tweet urging Brits not to 'cower' from the virus. Picture: Twitter/@uk_domain_names

Camilla struggled to understand why people are "talking about zero covid when we're at the end of the pandemic?" Suggesting that Mr Javid is trying to instil this in public discourse.

"Is it insensitive to suggest that we should adopt more of a rational approach and not living in fear in our daily lives?"

She concluded by telling listeners that "putting on masks, obsessively hand washing, stoping ourselves from doing the things we love," are no longer sacrifices the nation needs to make as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.