"Everything To Play For" In Heathrow Workers Pay Row

4 August 2019, 10:24

Aviation analyst Sally Gethin said there was "possibility to rescue the situation" and avoid strike action at Heathrow Airport after workers overwhelmingly rejected a revised pay offer.

Workers at Heathrow Airport, including security guards, firefighters and engineers, voted by almost 9-1 to reject a pay offer, says union Unite.

A two-day strike is planned to start on Monday, with a further 48-hour stoppage due from August 23rd.

Heathrow Airport cancelled more than 150 flights for Monday and Tuesday in anticipation of the disruption.

But speaking to Clive Bull, aviation analyst Sally Gethin said even if strike action was cancelled last minute, the "die is cast" because airlines had been informed of flight cancellations by the airport.

"Even if the strike was to be averted, some of those airlines will have made changes to their schedules and that could have disruption of its own," she said.

Ms Gethin also warned of "massive queues" and fewer security staff to help passengers through the "bottlenecks".

"Hopefully it won't be as bad as it could be," she said.

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