Clive Bull Challenges Andrew Bridgen Over No Deal Brexit

7 July 2019, 08:06

Clive Bull told the Brexiter that Boris Johnson didn't sound "very convincing" in his bid to leave the EU without a deal.

Tory Brexiter Andrew Bridgen, who is backing Boris Johnson for Conservative leader, said businesses couldn't cope with any more uncertainty.

But he told Clive Bull that he had to be convinced by Mr Johnson he would be prepared to deliver Brexit without a deal because he "has to convince the European Union that he's willing to leave without a deal to get a better deal".

Clive said: "He doesn't sound very convincing, he says he doesn't really want to do it, it would be the last choice, and there's a million-to-one chance."

Mr Bridgen replied: "Boris believes, as I hope, the European Union will give us concessions and sign up to a free trade agreement."

Conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson
Conservative leadership contender Boris Johnson. Picture: Getty

Mr Bridgen continued: "There's no such thing as leaving without a deal, it would very much be a managed no deal.

"But also we would offer them Gatt 24, tariff and quota free trade for up to 10 years."

Clive said: "If they agree".

Mr Bridgen replied: "If they didn't, that would demonstrate the EU wished to punish us."

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