Brexiteer Has Solution To Irish Border Problem: Go To War With Ireland

31 July 2018, 07:45

This Brexiteer had a bizarre solution to the Northern Ireland border problem which has been blighting negotiations with the EU.

The government has struggled to establish what to do with the Northern Ireland border, where the Good Friday Agreement and EU rules appear to clash after Brexit.

However, Trevor believes he has a solution - do nothing.

He told Clive Bull: "It's only been complicated because it's been made complicated. There's been obstacles put in our way.

"On Northern Ireland, all we have to do is say to the EU we're not going to put a hard border there. If you want one you put it up. We shouldn't be dictated to by the four or five million Irish."

Clive Bull heard this interesting solution to the Northern Ireland problem
Clive Bull heard this interesting solution to the Northern Ireland problem. Picture: LBC / PA

Clive pointed out that not having a border in Northern Ireland doesn't indicate that we're taking back control of our borders.

But Trevor insisted: "What we're saying is we're not going to renege on the Good Friday Agreement.

"We should turn around to Southern Ireland say 'So what you're saying then that if we have a hard border, you want to go to war."

Clive responded: "Well nobody mentioned this during the referendum. This is your position now that we suggest to the Republic that there might be a war?"

Watch the remarkable call in the video at the top of the page.