Clive Bull Battles With Lawyer Over Boris Johnson Pledges

28 July 2019, 11:12 | Updated: 28 July 2019, 16:03

Clive Bull has quizzed a lawyer who says Boris Johnson is unlikely to fulfil his ambition spending promises.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu has criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for promising more than he is able to deliver, but Clive thinks the optimism caused by the gestures is a positive thing.

The lawyer and political activist was fiercely opposed to Johnson's election as Prime Minister, arguing that he cannot be trusted.

She said: "Where is he going to take the money from? Who is going to be denied money because he has made these promises?

"And it's only because of his campaign to gain legitimacy. I am not going to be fooled by the 'lets get excited' by our gaffe-prone PM."

Clive challenged Dr Mos-Shogbamimu to name a better candidate for Prime Minister, but she said the country needs a general election before that happens.