Climate Change Protestor Defends Shutting Down London

15 April 2019, 09:47 | Updated: 15 April 2019, 09:57

A protester for Extinction Rebellion has defended the impending Climate Change protests which are set to cause extreme travel disruption in London over the coming days.

Thousands of environmental activists will descend on London today in a bid to disrupt some of the capital's busiest areas and to pressure the Government into declaring a climate emergency.

Activists led by campaign group Extinction Rebellion, have pledged to block five central locations in a "non-violent act of resistance and rebellion" which campaigners have said could last for weeks.

Protesters will gather at Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge, Piccadilly Circus and Parliament square, peacefully blocking traffic and creating a "festival" of action including people's assemblies, speeches, performances, workshops and food.

Savannah, a protester for Extinction Rebellion, defended the protests and said the group want to start important conversations.

When asked by Clive Bull why the group wasn't using peaceful, non-disruptive protests, Savannah suggested that peaceful protests had been done already.

"We are still in this position, and still facing this crisis", she said.

Clive Bull
Picture: LBC

Savannah revealed that the group had arranged 50 trees to be delivered to Waterloo Bridge and that they would cover the bridge with greenery.

"You're turning Waterloo bridge into a garden?....But people have got to get to work. You can't just put a load of trees on Waterloo Bridge!"

However, the campaigner emphasised that the campaign group want to get people's attention and to increase awareness for their cause.

"Any sort of conversation around Earth and the climate, even if it may be negative, is better than silence", Savannah said.