Labour Slate Tory Policy On Care, So Surely They Can Tell Clive Their Own Policy...

13 October 2017, 07:32 | Updated: 13 October 2017, 07:48

Clive Bull was left baffled when a Labour MP admitted her party didn't have a policy on dealing with the social care crisis - even though she criticised the government for not having a plan.

Shadow Care Minister Barbara Keeley told Clive that the party was "still looking at" their ideas for how to pay for elderly people with illnesses.

But Clive pointed out Labour had called themselves "a government in waiting", so they really needed some policies to back that up.

Clive Bull was none the wiser about Labour's care plans
Clive Bull was none the wiser about Labour's care plans. Picture: LBC

Ms Keeley told LBC: "No one should have catastrophic care costs and that's the situation we've got at the moment."

But when Clive queried how Labour would deal with the problem, she said: "You know, we're in opposition so we're not launching an answer. What we're launching is we are going to over the coming months we have plans for a National Care Service, which was the plans we had back in 2010.

"We're going to be bringing that up to date."

When Clive asked why they still didn't have a plan, Ms Keeley said: "I think that's a question to put back to the government, rather than to us.

"They have to civil service, they have the access to all the people who could work this through."

That led Clive to ask: "So you don't have the facilities to work out a policy?"

The Shadow Minister then criticised the Conservatives for not having a policy, saying their only plan is to have a consultation.

Clive's response: "As opposed to your 'review'?"