"I've Never Seen The President Attack A Judge": US Lawyer Challenges Trump's Travel Ban

6 February 2017, 22:03 | Updated: 7 February 2017, 15:26

Steve Immelt at LBC

A lawyer who is representing people affected by Donald Trump's travel ban told LBC he is shocked by the President's row with the nation's top judges.

Steve Immelt is the CEO of Hogan Lovells, a global corporate law firm who have been sending lawyers to US airports to provide advice to those affected by President Trump's 'travel ban'.

Speaking to Clive Bull on LBC, he said: "It was quite a confusing weekend that ultimately led to a temporary restraining order, this has then further been brought to the fore by a number of states, including Washington, Minnesota and Hawaii.

"These states are challenging the ban on the basis that it is detrimental to their economy and way of life.

"Our firm has traditionally done a lot of pro bono work in helping people navigate the immigration system.

"These lawyers found a lot of people who actually lived in the United States who had perhaps been away and now couldn't get home and were in a state of limbo.

"We had some really extraordinary stories full of human impact that really spoke to people."

Mr Immelt said his response started off as a human response, but now with lawsuits being actually brought by state governments.

He added: "The law prohibits discrimination in issuing visas, but the President seems to be saying this isn't about visas, it's about my ability to say "you can't come in", so the Courts are going to have to reconcile those two things.

"I've never seen the President personally attack a judge and I was personally shocked by that."

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