Former Tory MP's Scathing Analysis Of What Theresa May's Legacy Will Be

21 July 2019, 15:17 | Updated: 21 July 2019, 15:28

A former Conservative MP gave Clive Bull this scathing idea of what Theresa May's legacy as Prime Minister will be.

Neil Carmichael told the LBC presenter Theresa May will be known for dividing the country and putting it into a "very difficult situation".

Speaking to Clive Bull, the former Tory MP and Change UK election candidate said: "Her legacy will unfortunately be a divided country, a weaker country, one which is facing possibly a no-deal.

Like David Cameron, she will be remembered as the person who put Britain into a very difficult situation which we're still not out of."

The successor to the Prime Minister will be announced on Tuesday, with former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson expected to beat Jeremy Hunt.

Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May
Outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: PA

Members of the Prime Minister's Cabinet have announced they will resign their positions if Boris Johnson wins the party's leadership contest.

Chancellor Philip Hammond said he would quit the job before any opportunity for Mr Johnson to sack him, whilst Justice Secretary David Gauke said he is "not prepared" to sign up to supporting no-deal Brexit in order to serve under the former Foreign Secretary.

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