Clive Bull Tells MP Supporting Second Vote Was Not On Election Manifesto

12 January 2019, 18:51 | Updated: 12 January 2019, 19:09

Clive Bull tells a Labour MP that support for a second referendum was not on the manifesto that got him elected at the last general election.

Wes Streeting hit back of the suggestion he was 'breaking his own manifesto' by telling LBC presenter Clive Bull that he was "very clear" with his constituents by "honouring the result of the referendum".

But when he said that he had always wanted Brexit to be 'put back to the people', Clive told him that he was not honouring the result at all.

"Two years ago a whole set of hypothetical promises were made to people, but taken together that package of leave isn't being delivered," he said.

"Unlike a general election where people can boot me and other MPs out, change us and change the government, leaving the European Union is a once in a lifetime moment and this is going to affect our country for generations to come.

"And I think given the events of the last two years, the way in which the negotiations have gone, is right to ask the country again."

Asked separately if a general election would solve the Brexit deadlock, the Labour MP said he didn't think so.

Official Labour Party policy is to support calls for a general election, and only backing a second referendum when an election is ruled out.

"I'm not sure a general election would settle the Brexit issue, I think we would still need a people's vote after the general election.

"It seems to me what Jeremy Corbyn is saying is that he wants to win a general election and then negotiate a better deal with the European Union and I've got to be honest, I really don't think, I think if Kier Starmer had been in the driving seat of the Brexit department for the last couple of years we might have been able to chart a better course".