When Clive Bull Told This Caller He Was Wrong, He Went APOPLECTIC

2 January 2018, 10:00

This caller exploded with rage when Clive Bull disagreed with his "money first" take on the housing crisis.

Adam in Westminster told Clive that councils shouldn't build any more affordable housing and if they should move to cheaper areas.

Clive told him London wasn't too expensive 15 years ago, but has become so because we're now building the wrong types of homes: "They can't move there because there aren't any suitable homes."

Clive Bull was faced with a very angry caller
Clive Bull was faced with a very angry caller. Picture: LBC

That made Adam livid and he started trying to shout Clive down as he told him facts about how the council deal has worked for the Battersea Power Station renovation.

Adam responded: "We're in the business of making properties and making money. We're not a charity."

But Clive closed him down by saying: "Oh well, that's your guiding force, is it? Making money? Never mind about building homes for people who need them?"