Bangladesh Treats Military Veterans Better Than We Do Says Caller

9 November 2018, 06:40 | Updated: 9 November 2018, 06:41

This is the LBC caller who claimed that Britain fails to treat our Armed Forces veterans with the respect they deserve - unlike his parents' homeland, Bangladesh.

Kabir called Darren Adam to say that he can't understand how soldiers return from conflict mentally or physically injured but then find that "the way the British Government treats them means they have to go out with begging bowls to be looked after".

He added that his parents were born in Bangladesh, where "their soldiers are treated like royalty, irrespective of what grade you are in the Army" and "the Government bends over backwards" for anyone injured in combat.

Kabir concluded that the treatment of veterans and the families of both veterans and even those killed in action sends a very negative message to potential future recruits and add to the Armed Forces' difficulty in recruiting new personnel.

Theresa May and Royal British Legion volunteers
Theresa May welcomes Royal British Legion volunteers - including WWII veteran Barbara Weatherill - to Downing Street. Picture: Press Association

Darren responded by saying he agrees this is "one of the reasons people are put off from signing up", along with Britain's role in some controversial conflicts such as the Iraq War.

He finished the conversation by arguing "when we hear stories about people coming back to this country having served and not being treated properly then it's bound to feed into this idea where people 'well, why should I bother signing up?'"

Darren Adam
Picture: LBC