The Labour MP Who Confronted Dominic Cummings Tells LBC Exactly What Happened

27 September 2019, 08:06 | Updated: 27 September 2019, 08:53

The Labour MP who confronted Boris Johnson's most senior advisor told LBC he did it because of the threats he and his family had received.

Karl Turner cornered Dominic Cummings in the lobby of Portcullis House to protest at the aggressive language being used by the Prime Minister during Brexit debates in the House of Commons.

Speaking to Darren Adam, he said: "The context is I've had very serious death threats overnight. When I'm in Westminster and my wife and daughter are in Hull, those death threats worry me a great deal.

"I saw Dominic Cummings. I mentioned the fact I had had death threats overnight. I think the language the Prime Minister has adopted, frankly, is causing these death threats to MPs and I said that to him.

"And then he said that if you vote for Brexit, the death threats will stop.

"I think the implication of that is pretty obvious. What he said was vote for a deal and the death threats will stop. That's what he meant by what he said. It's blaming MPs for the abuse they are receiving."

Karl Turner confronts Dominic Cummings in Portcullis House
Karl Turner confronts Dominic Cummings in Portcullis House. Picture: Karl Turner

Mr Turner revealed some of the attacks he had suffered, including one when his wife was heavily pregnant.

He stated: "My daughter is three years old. When my wife was about to give birth, a man burst in to our home, wrestled with me, tried to arrest me. The police were involved and an injunction was granted. The man was alleging that he was trying to do a citizens arrest on me.

"Threats are serious. Jo Cox was assassinated."

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