David Lammy questions BAME exclusion from vaccine priority list

14 November 2020, 17:41 | Updated: 14 November 2020, 17:49

David Lammy argues case for BAME to be on priority list for vaccine

By Seán Hickey

This is the moment when David Lammy wondered why BAME people are classed as high-risk for Covid-19, but are not a priority for vaccination.

As a vaccine for coronavirus is seemingly just around the corner, it has come into question what groups would be first to be inoculated.

David pointed out that "black, asian and minority ethnic people in our country, that's 14% of the UK population, are at a higher risk of dying from coronavirus as a consequence of many many factors."

He went on to stress that BAME people often are in the highest risk jobs, live in the highest density housing and have greater exposure to the community during lockdown.

"Very very sadly, as I sit here...I'm at a higher risk, if I get Covid-19, of dying," he revealed.

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David then reminded listeners of when Health Secretary Matt Hancock expressed that BAME people are at higher risk of having serious symptoms of Covid-19.

He pointed out that despite these admissions from the Health Secretary, there is "no reference to BAME" in the priority list for the vaccine.

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