‘No school wants him’: This desperate mother cries as son with SEN is failed by the system

10 September 2023, 12:54 | Updated: 10 September 2023, 13:07

This desperate mother sobs as sons education suffers due to lack of SEN support

By Jasmine Moody

In light of the government cutting 20% from plans for children with special educational needs, David Lammy talks to a desperate mother who is facing difficulties with the current system.

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David Lammy condemned the government's plans to cut funding for plans for children with special education needs and disabilities (SENs).

He pointed out that families are suffering in the current system, let alone with extra cuts.

Caller Fatima, from Hackney, told David that in school, her son has faced unfavourable treatment.

She said: “Sometimes he is put in a room by himself.

“It makes him very angry.

“He comes home, crying, closes his door and he says ‘I hate school. I don’t want to go to school.’”

Sympathising with the desperate mother, David said: “Is he at the wrong school?

“Do you need to get him into a better secondary school that can take care and support his needs?”

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David Lammy is critical of the Tories' proposal to slash SEN budget

Fatima replied: “Yes, that’s why he’s not in school at the moment, since April…”

David exclaimed: “He’s not been in school since April? But it’s September! He’s got to be educated!”

Fatima began to cry and said: “We’re still waiting for schools.”

David asked whether her son had a SEN plan, to which she confirmed he did.

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She explained how her son only had one male teacher to support him.

David then took down her details and vowed to help her.

He said: “We’ve got to get him into the right school to support his needs!

“It’s terrible that he’s been out of school since April!”

Fatima explained that her husband was told that “no school wants him” due to a lack of staff for SENs children.

David concluded: “No, he’s got to get an education, I’m going to try and help.”