David Lammy's criticism of 'wicked' Priti Patel's opposition to BLM

13 February 2021, 18:58

David Lammy: Priti Patel's opposition to BLM 'wicked'

By Seán Hickey

The Home Secretary is using identity politics in an effort to gain support for a possible leadership campaign, according to David Lammy.

David Lammy accused Priti Patel of "deliberately going after Black Lives Matter" following her LBC interview where she declared her opposition to the anti-racism movement.

He pointed out that in 2020 the anti-racism struggle was "the only issue other than the pandemic that really caused global concern," and was shocked by the Home Secretary's comments.

"There are still issues of structural, systemic racism that exists in our societies and exists in all of our societies."

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David reminded listeners of the high profile Brits that saw themselves in the eye of the anti-racism debate, such as Labour's Dawn Butler and Team GB athlete Bianca Williams.

He added that we went as far as to debate who we commemorate on our streets.

"Yet again, Priti Patel, probably because she's trying to wind up her base, because she's looking down the road at life after Boris Johnson and running herself to lead the Conservative party is using this as an issue"