David Lammy hits out against trolls criticising his 'second job'

13 November 2021, 18:00 | Updated: 14 November 2021, 12:03

David Lammy defends his own second job

By Seán Hickey

The Shadow Justice Secretary explained to LBC listeners why his own second job as an LBC host is incomparable with the Tory sleaze scandal.

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"I am here on a Saturday afternoon at four o'clock until seven o'clock. What are most of you doing on a Saturday afternoon? You're with your families." David Lammy began.

He was replying to a texter who criticised him attacking the Tories amid the sleaze row, whilst being on the airwaves on his second job.

"Why am I pleased to be here? Because one, I am the only black presenter on LBC."

He added that it's important for his constituents to hear him voice their concerns on a national radio station.

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"I'm not making £1.5 million like Geoffrey Cox is, or indeed £1.3 million like Theresa May is! It's a fraction of that!"

"I am putting [across] the views of my constituents, and people approach me, and they thank me, and I'm pleased to have the privilege of doing it", he insisted.

He acknowledged that it is by no means a permanent role at LBC but "whilst I'm doing it, I'm pleased to be putting these views on a show like this."