'Uber changed my life': Driver hits out against court ruling

20 February 2021, 18:29

'They are trying to destroy Uber': driver fumes at forced new policy

By Seán Hickey

This Uber driver criticised the decision to make Uber drivers employees of the company, revealing that the app has helped thousands work on their own terms.

Alex is a master of international law but has found himself driving for Uber for 4 years. He was scathing in his criticisms of the court case which has theoretically made him an employee of the company.

"It was Uber that changed my life," he told David Lammy, hinting that the landmark decision could effect his income.

"I discovered a job that was so flexible that you start when you want, you end when you want and you end with good pay. For the last 20 years in Europe, no job has paid me more than one Uber has paid me."

He feared that the introduction of minimum wages and holidays could see his earnings take a nosedive, and he didn't hold back in criticising the former drivers who won the case.

"The drivers that went to court and made that move...I was really angry about that, because it's only the lazy drivers that [do] that."

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"I know many drivers that are unhappy with that decision," he claimed, "because these jobs have helped a lot of people."

When David pushed the caller on what he thought of the benefits of minimum wage and holiday pay, Alex claimed "minimum wage cannot help you to achieve anything in life."

"I don't need a holiday, I take holiday when I want. I'm self employed," he added.

The caller went on to claim that Uber sponsored his second degree at the Open University and believed that drivers won't be so well looked after in future.

"I don't know why they are trying to destroy Uber," he said, concluding that "Uber has been helpful to many people," despite the claims against them.