Ayesha Hazarika Tells Left-Wing Activists To Celebrate PM's Diverse Cabinet

28 July 2019, 19:02 | Updated: 28 July 2019, 19:07

Ayesha Hazarika has said left-wing campaigners should celebrate Prime Minister Boris Johnson's diverse cabinet, instead of attacking Conservative MPs of colour.

Ayesha spoke about being attacked on Twitter after tweeting her positive remarks about the new cabinet, which is the most ethnically diverse in British history.

She criticised twitter users and fellow left-wing activists for what she claimed was prioritising political opinion over increasing diversity in top positions.

She said: "I'm a life-long member of the Labour Party, I've always campaigned for Labour governments, I'm no fan of Boris Johnson, but I felt quite uncomfortable about how those ethnic minority politicians were being attacked by people from the Left.

"My view is that is you say that diversity matters, and I do, how can you not acknowledge and welcome the fact that we have a really ethnically diverse cabinet?"

"We rightly celebrated Sadiq Khan when he became London Mayor...why can't we celebrate that Sajid Javid has become the Chancellor?"

Ayesha's comments follow a number of controversial tweets suggesting that right-wing people of colour were not "proper ethnic minorities".