"Just Grow Up" Ann Widdecombe's Wild Slanging Match With Lib Dem MEP

2 July 2019, 14:40 | Updated: 2 July 2019, 15:14

This debate about acceptable standards in the EU Parliament ended up with two MEPs screaming at one another to grow up.

On the day newly elected Brexit Party MEPs turned their backs on the EU Parliament as the European Union anthem 'Ode To Joy' was played, one Lib Dem MEP ended up in a huge row with a Brexit Party MEP.

During the same ceremony Lib Dem MEPs wore yellow shirts with a potentially upsetting slogan on, which angered some Brexiters.

Chris Davies, the Liberal Democrat MEP for the North West of England, said that the EU anthem symbolises "the fact the continent was torn apart for centuries by bloodshed and conflict," he added that people were "coming to the European Parliament to find shared solutions to common problems."

"And you turn your backs on it," the Lib Dem said, "you people, you Brexiters, you make me ashamed to be British."

Ann Widdecombe told him to "keep going" because "every word that you speak like that" was just "piling votes onto the Brexit Party."

When Ian Payne asked how many Lib Dem MEPs there were, Mr Davies said "sixteen MEPs" adding it was the "biggest liberal group we've ever had in the Parliament."

However, as Mrs Widdecombe said: "And, we're the biggest party in the whole whole European Parliament" with 29 seats.

Iain Payne asked which was the "most disrespectful protest" which happened in the EU Parliament on Tuesday morning.

The Lib Dem MEP said there was "no doubt about that," saying that the Brexit Party protest was "disgusting" for turning their backs on a "celebration of peace and harmony."

"But swear words on shirts in parliament are are okay are they?" Ann Widdecombe asked.

This question seemed to trigger something in the two experienced politicians, as Chris Davies sighed and said: "Oh for heaven's sake Ann, grow up."

The Brexit Party MEP was quick to hit back, she said: "No, you grow up" pointing out that the Liberal Democrats were "walking around" with swear words on their shirts.

"That's not me," she added, "you grow up."

Which ended up with both MEPs telling one another to grow up.

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