Caller Tells LBC Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was Threatened With A Knife In Primary School

1 July 2019, 16:28

This caller had a shocking tale of her 7-year-old daughter been threatened by another child where the school said they were powerless to act.

This LBC listener called in tell Ian Payne about a shocking incident which occurred in a Birmingham school.

During a debate on knife crime the caller said she thought knife crime and violence in schools started with the parents.

Telling Ian Payne that she lives in a "green, leafy suburb" outside of Birmingham, but shockingly her 7-year-old was threatened with a knife by another 7-year-old.

"Seven," Ian said incredulously, "with a knife?"

The caller replied: "Yep."

When Ian asked why the caller told LBC her daughter had said she "thought football was stupid" and he "thought it was ok to pick up a knife and threaten her with it."

Amazingly the caller revealed that it was a 10-year-old child who intervened in the situation, preventing things escalating further.

When Ian asked what the caller thought could be done, she said that the system is so "stacked in favour of the person holding the knife" and "not the person being threatened with it."

Suggesting that the best way forward would be to "completely remove" the perpetrator from the situation and the child should be excluded.

"My daughter is having to go to school everyday and sit in class with her abuser, who kicks and punches her," she said.

Telling LBC that the school is not able to exclude the boy because it would "just go to appeal and the child would be allowed back in."

Watch the whole sad tale in the video at the top of the page.