Chris Packham: Dead fox protest makes me more determined to stop fox hunting

31 December 2019, 15:08

Chris Packham has given LBC his response to fox hunters leaving a dead animal outside his house.

The conservationist revealed that the animal was left at his house earlier this week - having previously been targeted with other dead animals.

It happened after he spoke out about the Boxing Day hunts, as well as the "appalling" incident in which prominent QC Jo Maugham beat a fox to death.

Speaking to Ian Payne on LBC, he said: "Earlier in the year, I was targeted by people who tied dead birds on my gate and later a badger was tied to the gate.

"Now, because I've been speaking out over Christmas in opposition to fox hunting - the Boxing Day hunts were out and foxes were being illegally killed and also a QC beat a fox to death in his garden - I got up and someone has dumped a dead fox by my gate.

Chris Packham told Ian Payne about the dead fox protest
Chris Packham told Ian Payne about the dead fox protest. Picture: @ChrisGPackham

"It's part of a process. I'm used to dead animals as part of my job.

"Of course it's disappointing. But fox hunting is on its way out. Those people that still want to pursue this vile hobby are just lashing out.

"It's just something me and my family will have to go through as we do everything we can to end this barbaric practice."