Anti-racism activist urges athletes to use black power salute – not take the knee

6 June 2021, 10:49

Anti-racism activist proposes black power salute replace taking knee

By Seán Hickey

This campaigner clashed with an ex-UKIP MEP after suggesting that taking the knee should be replaced with the black power salute.

Ian Payne was flanked by former UKIP MEP Roger Helmer and anti-racism campaigner Kofi Mawuli Klu to react to Gareth Southgate's insistence that England will continue to take the knee at the upcoming Euros, despite uproar from fans.

Both Mr Mawuli Klu and Mr Helmer confirmed their belief that the gesture should be abolished, but the campaigner proposed an alternative.

Mr Mawuli Klu noted that footballers are "not supporting black people against racism" when they take the knee.

"We stand up, raise our fist high [in a] black power salute because we kneel no more for anyone, we're tired of kneeling from the era of enslavement – we don't kneel anymore."

Mr Helmer disagreed, insisting that "if they want to wear a shirt saying kick it out, fine" but there should be no grand political statements.

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"Black power is very much sort of a political movement and I think a lot of black people wouldn't support it," he claimed.

Mr Mawuli Klu hit back, telling the former UKIP MEP that "you don't tell black people what to do in standing up against racism."

Ian sided with Mr Helmer, arguing that the black power salute might be seen as "an antagonistic gesture."

"If you want an anti-racist gesture in football you should raise your fist in a black power salute" Mr Mawuli Klu maintained.

Mr Helmer did not buy the assertions of the anti-racism campaigner, concluding that "the whole black power thing is a very aggressive political stance" and does nothing to encourage solidarity.