Reverend Jesse Jackson Recounts His Last Moments With Aretha Franklin

16 August 2018, 18:26

Reverend Jesse Jackson, the American civil rights activist, spoke to LBC about his last moments with the singer after visiting her just before she died.

Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin has died aged 76 after suffering from advanced pancreatic cancer.

And one of Aretha Franklin's oldest friends, Reverend Jackson, visited her in hospital the day before she died.

Reverend Jackson told Ian: "We had prayer together. I had a chance to really feel, for the last time, the warmth of her hands, her gentle hands, and her forehead, and I kissed her goodbye.

"It was the toughest goodbye because I've known her for nearly 60 years since we were teenagers.

"She was a tremendous artist, who went beyond her singing which was so awesome."