Peter Bone: Theresa May's Secret Deal Is Brexit In Name Only

4 November 2018, 17:00 | Updated: 4 November 2018, 18:51

A Tory MP believes there will be cabinet resignations if the speculated deal Theresa May has reached is true.

Senior sources suggest the Prime Minster has secured concessions from Brussels that will allow her to keep Britain in a customs union in an attempt to avoid a hard Irish border.

But Tory MP Peter Bone predicts that there will be cabinet resignations if the speculation falls true.

Speaking to Ian Payne on LBC, the Brexiteer said: "I can't see Theresa May getting this through cabinet without resignations.

"What this is really doing is kicking all the difficult decisions down the road when the people making the decisions now know they won't be in power."

When asked what he wanted, he said: "I hope the speculation's wrong and I hope Theresa May is going to serve up something that is much more like what people wanted when they voted in 2016."

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