Wes Streeting: Labour Party "Letting The Country Down" Over Brexit

6 May 2019, 13:29 | Updated: 6 May 2019, 13:32

Labour MP Wes Streeting said that by 'being neither one thing nor another' his party has "let the country down" over Brexit.

Speaking to Ian Payne on LBC, the Labour MP described the idea that his party's leader could "cook up a deal" with Prime Minister Theresa May as "wholly unacceptable and undemocratic".

"I can not recall a time where two political parties have been defeated in local elections and for both of the leaders to turn around and claim it as some sort of vindication for their policy," he said.

"I think what we saw last Thursday in the results for the Liberal Democrats and the Greens I think was a tide of people pushing back."

But when Ian asked why the Labour leader won't declare a second referendum the party's official policy, the Labour MP said: "I wish he would.

"The Labour Party should have gained hundreds of seats at those elections but we ended up losing seats.

"And I think we were punished for looking both ways on Brexit, for being neither one thing nor the other and at the European Elections we're going to be up against The Brexit Party doing what it says on the tin and the Liberal Democrats who have emerged after the local elections as the primary Remain party in Britain.

"They are occupying a space that I think should be occupied by the Labour Party.

"We are a party of Remainers, our members are Remainers, the majority of our voters are Remainers."

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