Katie Hopkins Lets Rip In This Epic Rant About Tony Blair

19 February 2017, 10:48 | Updated: 19 February 2017, 16:14

Katie's Rant About Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has been waiting all week to say her piece on Tony Blair's anti-Brexit speech - and she doesn't hold back.

On her Sunday morning LBC show Katie Hopkins launched into an epic rant about the former Labour Prime Minister's pro-EU speech, in which he urges Remainers to "rise up" against Brexit.

She said: "Tony Blair, on our TV screens, telling us that we didn't know what we voted for, that we had imperfect knowledge when we voted to leave, that when we were voting to Leave the European Union, we didn't know what it was we were really voting for. 

"That what we require is informed knowledge. And the phrase that has really gripped my guts, he said we need that given to us in 'easy to understand ways'. 

"Can you imagine? It's so insulting. All of it is so insulting. Playing to that whole narrative, yet again, that we can't understand big issues.

"That we can't understand information. That we are too stupid to get it. That only the smart, the intellectual elite, only people like Blair and his chums, his monied chums. They're the only ones who can understand. 

"Despite the fact that he's the one who unleashed a massive global conflict across the Middle East on the basis effectively of a student dissertation he printed off the internet. 

"Despite the fact he unleashed imaginable horror on the basis of myth and spin. Despite all of his past failings, suddenly he's the one here to save the day, standing there for Open Britain. 

"Telling us that we don't know enough, that we need explaining to, in simple words because we're so stupid. 

"That Remainers should rise up and fight back against Theresa May's Brexit...he can dream on if he thinks that's got anything to do with him."