Katie Hopkins Fumes At Ched Evans' Critics

Katie Hopkins lets rip at those who have publicly criticised Ched Evans.

Talking on her LBC show she let rip at those who have publicly criticised the footballer, who was found not guilty of rape on Friday.

“I feel anger towards the women who were very quick to do him down,” she said.

Katie urged them to be “sorry to the man who's now been found not guilty...sorry for hoisting him up and putting him into the stocks for other people to throw rotten tomatoes at him.”

“Do feel free to blemish your own reputations in the way that you felt that you could blemish his, because who is speaking out for Ched Evans after all of this even still, as he walks away from court, as he walks away a free man. People are saying: 'Well no, he's still guilty or no, it wasn't that he was found innocent, he was found not guilty.”

“When can this man be free of all this? Maybe his behaviour was disgusting but is that enough for you?

"Are you so far up on your moral high ground that disgusting behaviour is enough because I tell you, you stand high enough up on that moral high ground...from down in the ditch, where you see me, I look up and I see your dirty underwear so do watch yourselves.”