Katie's Call For Action After Munich Attack

24 July 2016, 11:26 | Updated: 2 September 2016, 14:33

"I've had enough of your hash tags and vigils": Katie Hopkins wants something done to prevent another Munich style attack.

Talking on her LBC show she said that the security in the US made her feel safe - and that she would like a similar level of protection here.

"I've had enough of your hashtags and your tealights," said Katie. A

"And quite frankly if you light up another building with the colours of your flag, I am not particularly interested because that is not a solution to terror.

"Telling me that your morning telling me you're going to stand shoulder to shoulder means nothing."

"I’ve just come back from Cleveland where every junction of the freeway had a snowplough with sand in it. Every road was lined with railings, ten foot high, police were drafted in from all over the country."

"Everywhere you looked there was police. You may say that's not the country will want to live in but I actually feel that maybe for a while it is the country I want to live in. While was in Cleveland I felt safe. I left Cleveland and the first thing I saw was another attack on Europe."