Hopkins: 'If People Are So Fond Of Islam Why Not Stay In Islamic Countries?'

19 March 2017, 12:22 | Updated: 20 March 2017, 13:57

In a conversation about Turkey's President Erdogan campaigning in European countries, this caller answered Katie's burning question.

Jeff from Edmonton phoned into Katie's Sunday morning LBC show to speak about Turkey's President Erdogan campaigning in European countries. 

Katie asked the caller: "If people want to practice Islam, if people are so fond of the Islamic tradition, for example, why not stay in countries where Islam is the religion?

"Why is it, Jeff, that Muslims choose to come to Christian countries? Because that seems to me the tension between the cross and the crescent, to use Erdogan's words, seems to me to be increased because Turks seem to want to live in Christian lands.

"Can you help me?"

Jeff responded: "Of course. After the Second World War, the ruined Europe needed labour. And what they did, they came to Turkey, they say 'guys, we need your help to build our country. 

"They have taken millions of Turks from Turkey to work in Europe, this is happening after the Second World War, I'm taking about the 1940s and 50s. 

"Turkish people, they didn't go to Europe yesterday. They were there for years. Now the third generation is living in Germany, they are more German, or they are more Dutch than the normal Dutch person...they are not extremist."

Jeff continued to explained why all Muslims should not be grouped as one. 

Katie went onto read out some texts from listeners. She said: "Some people are saying why is it Turkish people want to be true Turkey, why would you not live in Turkey?"

Jeff, who works in financial services and has been living in the UK for a number of years, said: "These are just crazy remarks."

Jeff went on to say that if that's the case the Scottish will go Independent.

Katie said: "They're asking for that though." 

Jeff responded: "Well, they're not going to get it."

Katie continued to press for an answer to her question. She said: "The only thing I don't have an answer to, Jeff, is that delicate question I was trying to ask, which is why people that choose Islam, if Islam is so great, why come to live in Christian countries?

"And I accepted your point after the war, but I mean now, why the urge for migrants, Erdogan saying look 'well, i'll send you 15,000 a week' like migrants are a threat now, which is a bit odd.

"Why do migrants seek to come to Christian countries?"

Jeff told Katie that he came to the country 17 years ago, but Katie interjected: "I'm talking about now, I'm talking about recent arrivals, Jeff, recent arrivals, not you."

Jeff said: "Well, probably for work...because of the problems in the Middle East."