Boris Johnson doesn't want a Brexit deal, MEP argues

17 October 2020, 14:10

Boris Johnson doesn't want a deal, MEP suggests

By Seán Hickey

A member of the EU Parliament has told LBC that following the Prime Minister's latest comments on Brexit, it seems as though he never wanted to agree on a deal.

Following Boris Johnson's comments stating the UK should prepare for a no-deal Brexit, MEP Phillipe Lamberts told Matt Frei "the Prime Minister's speech yesterday is consistent with the view I have held for some time that actually he doesn't want a deal."

He went on to suggest that the PM has consistently tried to get the EU to quit negotiations, suggesting that the "EU market bill was attempted as a provocation," when first proposed.

He reminded Matt that the "UK's word could not be trusted but we kept negotiating," indicating that the UK soon discovered the EU would not be moved.

"If he cannot provoke us to leave the table he has to do it himself."

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He noted that as per Mr Johnson's requests, the EU proposed a Canada-style deal with concessions and have negotiated with good faith on every aspect of what the UK may want from a trade deal.

"We've put all this on the table, but I think the United Kingdom doesn't want a deal."

He argued that the UK "cannot expect the EU to give up its vital interests" just as the EU doesn't expect the UK to do so.

Mr Lambert told Matt that the EU has a choice "between two evils, one is a no-deal Brexit" and the other is opening the door to trade without EU standards at the heart.