'This report is not going to bring my brother back': Caller brands Covid inquiry a waste of money

3 June 2023, 15:04

This Matt Frei caller says the COVID inquiry is a waste of money

By Grace Parsons

This caller questions "where are our priorities", after saying the money funding the Covid inquiry would be better spent elsewhere.

After Boris Johnson confirmed that he would be sharing all unredacted WhatsApp messages with the Covid inquiry, this exasperated caller, Shan in Ilford, urged the public to "just move on".

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Shan told Matt Frei: "This report is not going to tell me anything that is going to bring my brother back. I can't blame the government for the loss of my brother because it was through Covid, it was a tragedy that came to the whole world.

"I think at this time, when we are scraping for pennies - my road is like a war zone, you drive here, you're going over potholes because my council hasn't got the money to mend the roads.

"We are spending millions of pounds, years of investigation discussing about WhatsApp applications, Jesus Christ! It just makes me wonder, where are our priorities?

"We know what happened, they need to put their hands up and say, 'Yes, we made a lot of mistakes, these are the mistakes and they will not happen again,' let's just move on for God's sake."

READ MORE: Boris Johnson to hand over 'all unredacted WhatsApp' messages directly to Covid inquiry

Boris Johnson's letter to Covid-19 inquiry chairwoman Baroness Hallett.
Boris Johnson's letter to Covid-19 inquiry chairwoman Baroness Hallett. Picture: Boris Johnson

In a letter to the Covid inquiry chairwoman Baroness Hallett, Boris Johnson wrote: "I am sending your inquiry all unredacted WhatsApps I provided to the Cabinet Office.

This comes as ministers prepare for a high-profile legal battle with the inquiry as the Government seeks to challenge the request for Mr Johnson's unredacted WhatsApp messages and notebooks to be submitted.