Ground invasion of Gaza cannot be ruled out, Israeli military chief reveals

15 May 2021, 14:06

IDF spokesman refuses to rule out ground invasion on Gaza

By Seán Hickey

An Israeli military spokesperson has told LBC that troops are 'preparing for various scenarios,' including the invasion of Gaza.

"Nothing is ruled out," insisted Colonel Jonathan Conricus when asked whether he could rule out a possible invasion of Gaza to quell violence against Israel.

"As I sit here they [Hamas] fired a massive barrage at Tel Aviv," the Israeli Defence Force Spokesperson told Matt Frei, lending to the point that Israel is acting in self-defence when conducting missile attacks on Gaza.

"All options are on the table, our job is to defend our civilians."

He revealed to LBC that the IDF "are preparing for various scenarios" and a ground invasion of Gaza is one of these scenarios, as Israeli forces gather on the border.

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Matt pushed the IDF spokesman, wondering if "violence between Arab Israelis...and Jewish Israelis is getting out of hand and could become a civil war" as tensions grow domestically over the treatment of Palestinians in areas of Jerusalem.

"It is taken into consideration," Colonel Conricus admitted, but stressed that the IDF are far more occupied by missile attacks on all fronts at the moment.

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"Rockets have been fired from Lebanon and Syria" he told LBC, hinting that Israel is under attack from neighbouring countries.

Reiterating his initial point, Colonel Conricus told Matt that "we are preparing" for any eventuality.

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