Jeremy Corbyn: Second job ban made 'absolutely clear' to Starmer

13 November 2021, 14:36 | Updated: 14 November 2021, 12:04

Jeremy Corbyn responds to reports he barred Starmer taking second job

By Seán Hickey

The former Labour leader insists he made it 'very clear' to Sir Keir Starmer that he shouldn't take a lucrative job at an upmarket law firm during his time in charge.

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This week it emerged that Jeremy Corbyn advised Sir Keir Starmer not to take a lucrative second job while he was Brexit Secretary in Mr Corbyn's shadow cabinet. Claims that the current Labour leader has denied.

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Matt Frei asked the former Labour leader whether there is any truth to the reports.

"I said this in the very beginning when I was elected leader that nobody who was in a front bench position appointed by me would be allowed to take a second job of any sort.

"We had to concentrate fully on obviously, being constituency MPs but als of their front bench position" Mr Corbyn told LBC.

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The MP for Islington North told Matt that he "made that very clear to everybody, including [Sir Keir]."

When Matt told Mr Corbyn that Sir Keir maintains there was no request made, he stood his ground.

"There was an absolutely clear request and decision made and indeed it was confirmed in writing to every member of the shadow cabinet."

Mr Corbyn concluded by telling LBC he would "absolutely" ban all second jobs that interfere with an MPs work of representing their constituency.