'They're political prisoners': Just Stop Oil spokesperson brands the jailing of activists 'disgusting'

22 April 2023, 14:29

Just Stop Oil spokesperson says protesters sentence 'disgusting'.

By Grace Parsons

Climate change activist says the government are "going against every form of justice" by holding Just Stop Oil protestors as "political prisoners".

After Just Stop Oil protestors received jail time for scaling Dartford Crossing bridge, environmental activist Alex de Koning slams the government for trying to "bully" and "subdue" the protest group.

Mr De Koning told Matt Frei:"It's the most disgusting thing I've ever heard. It's very clearly going against every form of justice we have in this country, they're being held as political prisoners. As you say, this is a longer sentence than you'd get for rape.

"The National Highways has said that out of the 1000 people disrupted, the average disruption time was six minutes and six seconds.

"Do you think the 60 homes that were burnt down from wild fires - do you think they would've complained about six minutes and six seconds to get the word out about climate change? Do you reckon the 53 million people in Pakistan who lost their homes from floods would've been deterred by six minutes and six seconds?"

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The climate change activist went on to say: "It is shocking the clear transparence which the government are doing in trying to bully us, in trying to subdue us... They're trying to stop anybody from protesting, anyone from questioning them as they push through over 100 new oil and gas licenses."

Talking of public reaction to the sentencing, he said: "I think people will realise how insane it is what's happening in the world right now.

"The fact that people are getting prison time for even talking about the climate crisis in a court room... The government know that they're failing, they know that we're being effective so they're trying to throw everything at us and lock us up."

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